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A Minor Diversion: Post-Medial Caesura Insertions in Early Classical Sonata Forms

Attachments include paper and handout. Abstract: This paper concerns early- and mid-eighteenth century Type 2 sonata forms by a variety […]

Rebecca Long 16 May 2018 16 May 2018 Boccherini, Early Classical, Eighteenth Century, Haydn, Heinrich Christoph Koch, Hepokoski and Darcy, Musical form, Sonata form
Extrinsic Phrases in the Works of Domenico Scarlatti

This paper was presented at the conference of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America in Huntsville, TX on 14. […]

Rebecca Long 14 May 2019 7 May 2020 18th-Century Music, Classical Music, Domenico Scarlatti, Early-18th Century Music, Eighteenth-Century Music, Musical form, Scarlatti
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