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Ted SOMOGYI 14 July 2019 14 July 2019 Aesthetics, contemporary art, Institutional Critique, performance, Social practice.
Vivir en la Smith House de Richard Meier

En este breve ensayo, el autor examina el efecto de un edificio icónico sobre la conducta de la persona que […]

Luis de Orueta 16 June 2021 8 July 2021 Architecture, Business, contemporary art, Corporate Finance, Corporate Management, Indian History, IT Innovation, Navigation, Urban development
Christoph Keller: Poster-Reader to the installation Expedition Bus and Shaman Travel, 2002

Christoph Keller: Expedition-Bus and Shaman-Travel, 2002 VW-camper, HD-video, double projection on the windscreen of a mirrored camper van, 20 min; […]

Christoph Keller 11 October 2018 11 October 2018 contemporary art, ethnographic film, ethnography, shamanism
Christoph Keller: cloudbuster project maroc, 2010

cloudbuster project maroc, 2010 we started the cloudbuster operations in the night between tuesday and wednesday from hicham’s compound and […]

Christoph Keller 11 October 2018 11 October 2018 Cloudbuster, contemporary art, film, photography, rain making
Christoph Keller: Verbal-Nonverbal, Catalog 2010
Christoph Keller 11 October 2018 11 October 2018 altered states, contemporary art, experiment, film, photography, trance, video
Christoph Keller: PARANOMIA, 2016

The term “Paranomia” has multiple meanings, one of them being that which exists alongside the normative.  In his inquiry into […]

Christoph Keller 7 October 2018 11 October 2018 Amazonas, Anarcheology, anthropology, art and science, artistic research, Centre Pompidou, Cloudbuster, contemporary art, creatio ex nihilo, Ernst Marcus, ether, excentric sensation, exhibition, Foucault, installation, language, Mynona, Nothingness, observatory, paranomia, performance, photography, Trouvelot, tzimtzum, Wilhelm Reich, Yanomami, zero
Christoph Keller – Poster-Reader for the Aether exhibition at Centre Pompidou Paris

The aether is an elusive concept, both a classical element and a substance. In philosophy it represents the absence of […]

Christoph Keller 11 October 2018 11 October 2018 contemporary art, ether, photography, science
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