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Narahari Rao: Verstehen einer fremden Kultur (essay) (1989)

Abstract (German) (Text als Anhang): Für das Verstehen einer anderen Gruppe verwenden wir notwendigerweise Begriffe, die aus unserem Milieu oder […]

Narahari Rao 4 May 2021 4 May 2021 Albert Schweizer, cultural difference, diversity, Karl Marx, knowledge, learning, Max Weber, Sociology, world view construction
Narahari Rao: Culture as Learnables (essay) (2002)

Abstract: I want to argue that there is a task of ‘culture research’ other than what is practised in the […]

Narahari Rao 20 October 2020 20 October 2020 attitudes, cultural, difference, knowledge, learning
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