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Book Review – David Crispin: “Their God fights every day for them” – Devastating consequences of religious violence in the age of the crusades

David Crispin: „Ihr Gott kämpft jeden Tag für sie“. Krieg, Gewalt und religiöse Vorstellungen in der Frühzeit der Kreuzzüge (1095–1187) […]

Reinhard Kirste 28 December 2019 28 December 2019 #crusades, christian-muslim dialogue, Holy Land, Middle Ages, violence, war
DRÜGGELTE – a mysterious chapel of the Holy Cross in Southern Westphalia

The medieval chapel inside the barnyards of Drüggelte is situated near Soest. This small building offers a short journey through […]

Reinhard Kirste 22 May 2019 22 May 2019 church, crusade, Holy Sepulchre, Middle Ages, romanic
Series Announcement: Christianities Before Modernity

Challenging the perception of Christianity as a unified and European religion before the sixteenth century, this series interrogates the traditional […]

Shannon Cunningham 31 October 2018 31 October 2018 early modern, early modern Christianity, early modern studies, global Middle Ages, martyrology, medieval, medieval Christianity, Medieval Studies, Middle Ages
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