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    Grand Canyon University
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    Randolph-Macon College
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    José Angel GARCÍA LANDA - "@nrloro Thanks for the invitation and for moderating this group! I will announce it on my websites, and once we have posted some contents we can also announce its existence to the AEDEAN members. Regards, JAGL"View
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    Universidad de Zaragoza
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    Centre For Comparative Studies
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    Doctmedico Journal Issn 2794-1671
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    FNRS – Université libre de Bruxelles
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    University of Hyderabad, India l University of Tartu, Estonia.
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    Karlfried Froehlich - "I posted a book-length transcription of Gilbert of Poitiers’ Commentary of the Pauline Epistles in Latin from MS Zwettl 58 with an embargo of 6 months on September 20, 2021. Included in the post is an Introduction"View
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    Princeton Theological Seminary



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