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…egained: Great Peace (Taiping) Views on Procreation and Life Cycles”. In: Transforming the Void: Embryological Discourse and Reproductive Imagery in East Asian Religions. Edited by A. Andreeva / D. Steavu. Pages 53–86. Leiden: Brill. (Sir Henry Wellcome Asian Series, volume 1…

Current research themes: . History and epistemology of academic Sinology (19th–21st cent.) / Histoire et épistémologie de la sinologie académique (du dix-neuvième siècle à nos jours) . History, philology and textual criticism of “Weft” (wei 緯) literature / Histoire, philologie et ecdotique des écrits de “trame” (wei 緯) . Religion in Mediaeval China: history, historiography, documents, and Western representations / Les religions en Chine médiévale : histoire, historiographie, documents ; représentations occidentales