MemberJane M. Denison Furness

…Welcome/Not Welcome: Giving Students Agency, and a Warmer Welcome, In the Writing Placement Process

Transitioning from Soldier to Student: A Phenomenological Study of Military Service Member and Veteran Students at an Oregon Community College

The Cambridge Introduction to Z…

Developmental Education/Literacy, Integrated Reading and Writing, Composition, Technical Writing, Nineteenth-Century Literature, American Renaissance, Transnational Literature, Feminist Recovery, Intellectual Historicism, Composition.

Membersyndie (cindy) allen

… co-requisite education in Texas, pairing credit courses such as first year English and Sociology with developmental Integrated Reading and Writing Courses.

Joining the Speech department as I am now credentialed to teach speech and communication courses.

Working as a member…

From Idaho, live in Texas. I am an assistant professor teaching integrated reading and writing, composition, literature, technical writing, and speech. My loves are learning, family, dogs, coffee, microbrews, travel, and new technology.

MemberMary-Beth Brophy

…PhD, Creative Writing, University of St. Andrews, ScotlandMaster of Professional Writing, University of Southern CaliforniaBA, Film Production, Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA…

Jack Kerouac, English language crime fiction, creative writing, screenwriting, playwriting, long fiction, academic writing, multimodal composition, filmmaking, podcasting, digital media, transmedia storytelling