DepositAlte Pfade – Neue Wege? Die historischen und kunsthistorischen Perspektiven des Naumburg Kollegs

Der Artikel gibt einen Überblick über die historischen und kunsthistorischen Perspektiven der im Naumburg Kolleg, einem von der Volkswagenstiftung geförderten interdisziplinären Graduiertenkolleg zur Erforschung des Naumburger Westchors, betrieben Dissertationsvorhaben. The article presents the new historical and art historical perspectives of the Naumburg Kolleg, a interdisciplinary PhD-graduate-school focusing on the research of the Naumburg Western Choir.

DepositThe (Western) Harem

This is a short researched essay on the topic of the Eastern – primarily Ottoman – harem, beneath the Western gaze. Please note that this was a short researched paper written for an undergraduate course titled “Sociology of Colonialism”. I have edited the file to remove any personal information – such as my student ID – and kept the body of the work intact in terms of content.

DepositElements of Western Ecological Philosophy

The notions I present here for consideration are, in fact, not new. In short, they are phenomenological notions. As ideas, expressed within the Western-Hellenic tradition, they have been discussed for a very long time in philosophy. They may appear “new to you” as a thinker exploring for the first time, or continuing to explore, the philosophical relationships that give meaning to life in the cosmos. Whatever “newness” there is in this brief book arises in the reader’s subjective awareness or consciousness of what the individual human mind has come to assign in place of its previous understanding. The reader may find much that is familiar in this small book but at the same time will be presented with a re-casting of ideas that constitutes a new conception of earlier ideas as notions and offers the possibility of a new philosophical perspective.