MemberDominik Hünniger

I am a cultural historian with special interest in 18th century environmental, medical and natural history as well as the history of universities and scholarship. I obtained a PhD from the University of Goettingen with a thesis on the cultural history of epizootics in Mid-18th century Northern Europe. The thesis used multi-disciplinary approaches to the past experiences of humans and other species. My research critically engages with Animal Studies and the development of the scientific as well as quotidian engagement of humans with the natural world in the past but also the present. My current research project is a material history of 18th century entomology. It analyzes the pan-European fascination with insects and their taxonomy and behaviour as well as the role of global specimens in these processes in order to illuminate the development of scientific disciplines, global exchange and the practices of (academic) knowledge formation. The project will pay special attention to materiality, the role of images vs text and the means of knowledge exchange and discussion. The insect collections of the Hunterian in Glasgow, the Natural History Museum in London, the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen, the Museum of Evolution in Uppsala  as well of the Zoology Museum at the University of Kiel will be used for an analysis of their collections in this context. Collaboration with today’s curators is an important part of the project as historic zoological collections are invaluable sources for current taxonomic and biodiversity research in the life sciences. In 2020, I co-founded the Collection Ecologies Research Collective which is a place for discussing the intersections of the history of collections, material culture, environmental humanities, (historical) ecology and the material history of the sciences and knowledge. In addition I am also publishing on the history of universities as corporate institutions and academics as subjects in (by lack of a better term) “enlightened absolutism”. This research also is informed by current developments in higher education globally and discussion on the future of the humanities. I am currently a research associate at the DFG-Centre for Advanced Studies “Imaginaria of Force” at the University of Hamburg. Since August 2017 I am co-editor of the Brill series “Emergence of Natural History” (ENH) and since December 2020 member of the editorial board of Nuncius – Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science. Additionally, I am an advisor to the initiative to strengthen research, outreach and conservation of the University of Goettingen’s academic collections. Academic heritage, the history and future of collections and the material aspects of knowledge formation are my keay concerns also as an affiliate researcher at The Hunterian, University of Glasgow.

MemberTom White

…PhD — Birkbeck, University of London. 2012-16

MPhil — University of Glasgow. 2010-12

MA — University of Glasgow. 2006-10…

My research and teaching interests range broadly across medieval and early modern literature, critical theory, visual culture, and the history of media and technology. My current work engages multiple themes in the environmental humanities, new media studies, disability studies, and the digital humanities. I also write on political ecology, renewable energy, and the role of visual culture in a time of climate crisis. I am contributing editor of the Glasgow Review of Books and have contributed to MAP Magazine, The Trouble, the LRB Blog, the History Workshop Blog, and the British Library Discovering Literature resource.

MemberHeather Christie

…University Of Glasgow…
…PhD       “Pushing Boundaries: Spectral Imaging of Archaeological Small Finds”, Glasgow School of Art.

MLitt    Celtic and Viking Archaeology, University of Glasgow. “Got Swag? Investigating Beads and Bead Trade in Scotland During the First Millennium AD.”

MA        Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago.

BA (Honours)     Anthropology, St. Lawrence University. “Glass Bead Distribution Analysis: A New Approach to Understanding the Early History of Southeast Asia.”…

I am a digital archaeologist specialising in two- and three-dimensional imaging of small, reflective and translucent or transparent objects, particularly glass. I am currently working with the Digital Creativity in Regional Museums project to create a toolkit that facilitates the development of affordable digital immersive experiences in smaller museums.

MemberEmma Susan Balkind

I am a Teaching Fellow in Visual Culture at Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. Currently I am Course Leader for Year 3 and Masters elective ‘What is the commons? Participation, objects and place in contemporary art’, and for Year 2 core teaching ‘Critical and Cultural Theories of Contemporary Art’. I teach into MA Contemporary Art Theory, MFA, and the MSc in Cultural Landscapes.