TopicNotice of new rule making for the Music Modernization Act

Hi all – The copyright office issued their proposed rule for the new 1401(c) section of the copyright law. This part of the new MMA addresses non-commercial use of orphaned/abandoned sound recordings.https://www.federalregister.<wbr />gov/documents/2019/02/05/2019-<wbr />00873/noncommercial-use-of-<wbr />pre-1972-sound-recordings-<wbr />that-are-not-being-<wbr />commercially-exploited It’s important to note that the MMA also includes 1401(f) which addresses the ability of libraries, museums, and […]

DepositPreserving and Enhancing Access to Non-Commercial Sound Recordings at The Harry Ransom Center

The Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin requests funds to support a $35,132 one-year project to develop and complete a preservation survey of the Center’s archival sound recordings. This survey will establish, enhance, and document preservation digitization priorities, processes, and standards to ensure future access to a significant collection of primary research materials.

DepositDTC 375: Languages, Text, and Technology

DTC 375 is an introduction to the historical relationships between technology, communication, and forms of writing or material inscription. The course gives students an appreciation of the technological history of media, including hands-on encounters with the components and signals that create various technological effects: from sound to graphics to tactile effects. While DTC 375 primarily explores such phenomena by referencing how they impact human senses and culture, it also investigates how media signals are not reducible to our experiences of them.

DepositSense of balance? Nachhaltigkeitspolitische Fragen an die Distributed Ledger Technologie und Smart Contract Systeme

Distributed ledger technology and the development of digital smart contracts have the potential for a new disruptive technology. Applications based on them could find their way into the management of many areas of every day life. However, they also carry certain risks for sustainable development of our society. This paper is intended as a preliminary consideration and outlines some of these risks. – Die Distributed Ledger Technologie und die damit zusammenhängende Entwicklung von digitalen Smart Contracts bieten das Potential zu einer neuen disruptiven Technologie. Sie könnten Einzug in die Verwaltung vieler Lebensbereiche halten. Hier liegen neben Chancen auch deutliche Risiken für die nachhaltige Entwicklung.

MemberColin Greenstreet

Colin Greenstreet is co-founder and co-director of MarineLives, a not-for-profit for the transcription, linkage and enrichment of the manuscript records of the English High Court of Admiralty from the 1650s and 1660s. The original records are held at the National Archives in Kew, England. Central to the vision of MarineLives is the bringing together of volunteers from academia and the general public, organised in facilitated teams and supported by modern IT and communications technology, to create an educational resource of value.