MemberMaria L. J. Lauret

I am an interdisciplinary scholar of multilingual American literature, especially in relation to migration. An African Americanist, feminist, and eternal student of American literature and society, I am interested in the aesthetic, cognitive, emotional and not least  political potential of combining and mixing languages in life and in literary texts produced in the Americas. My own multilingualism is (as yet) confined to classic European languages, but I have worked on and with other languages in my latest monograph, Wanderwords.

MemberSookja Cho

I am an associate professor at Arizona State University’s School of International Letters and Cultures. My research concerns Korean and Chinese literature and culture, Sino-Korean exchange, and East Asian comparative literature. My primary focus is on the premodern period. I have a particular interest in subjects which reveal a heterogeneous but interconnected East Asian past, such as gender and religion, orality and performance, mobility and diasporas, and literary migrations. I am eager to represent the concerns and interests of colleagues and friends who teach East Asian languages, literatures, and cultures. As a member of the forum, I would draw upon my knowledge, skills, and experiences to facilitate and encourage dialogues about East Asia among scholars across disciplines. I would also like to improve the general audience’s understanding of East Asia’s cultural legacy as an essential part of our modern, culturally nomadic lives. With scholarship in the humanities under ongoing and increasing threat, I strive to voice our hopes of reframingthe role and value of humanities education and of exploring new approaches that benefit our humanities communities, including those that interface with artificial intelligence.