DepositIste libellus pertinet … Goethe? Zwei spätmittelalterliche Handschriften mit Werken von Matthäus von Krakau, Heinrich von Langenstein und Johannes von Hildesheim aus Goethes Bibliothek

Two late medieval manuscripts have been rediscovered in the library of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Weimar in 2018. The paper gives, for the first time, a complete codicological and paleographical analysis of both manuscripts, presents a medieval owner and, last but not least, identifies the works contained in both codices.

DepositThe T-PEN Tool: Sustainability and Quality Control in Encoding Handwritten Texts

The Center for Digital Theology and the Carolingian Canon Law (CCL) Project will collaborate to develop a Transcription-Paleographic and Editing Notation (T-PEN) Tool. Using digitized images of medieval manuscripts, this tool will assist scholars in the transcription of such sources and will allow automatic insertion of markup of textual features during the transcription process. T-PEN will be a new research tool in the CCL, permitting any number of scholars to submit their transcriptions of unpublished texts of early medieval canon law. Moreover, T-PEN will assist the CCL in maintaining quality control of transcriptions, as it will supply continuous comparison of manuscript image and the transcriber’s work in a transparent display. It supports easy and immediate insertion of annotations (paleographic, discursive, and bibliographic), insertion of TEI P5 markup according to project protocols and validation against the schema during the transcription process.

DepositGottfried von Straßburg: Tristan. Bibliographische Hinweise

Bibliography to Gottfried von Straßburg: ‘Tristan’. Content: Gottfrieds ‚Tristan’: Editionen, Übersetzungen, Kommentare und Wortindex Zur handschriftlichen Überlieferung von Gottfrieds ‚Tristan’ Ausgaben anderer ‚Tristan’-Texte Bibliographien zu Gottfried von Straßburg Einführungen zu Gottfried von Straßburg Weiterführende Literatur zu Gottfrieds ‚Tristan’ Einführungen in die germanistische Mediävistik Literaturgeschichten zum (Hoch-)Mittelalter Nachschlagewerke, Datenbanken, Internetportale Paläographie und Kodikologie, Handschriftenproduktion im hohen und späten Mittelalter

MemberIgor Rocha

…o: formulações, difusão e representações (1756- 1807)”-2015.PhD student at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Federal University of Minas Gerais)-2015.Member of the coordination of Oficina de Paleografia- (Paleography Workshop-UFMG since 2012.member of the Editorial Board of the journal Temporalidades, student magazine of the of UFMG -2013, and a member of the organizing committee of the III and the V Encontro de Pesquisa …

Currently studying the relationship between the process of secularization and the development of ideas in defense of religious tolerance between the second half of the eighteenth century and the first decades of the nineteenth century in the Luso-Brazilian world, and the development of the Enlightenment in this context.

DepositShakespeare’s Hand in “Sir Thomas More”-Some Aspects of the Paleographic Argument

Reviews arguments for identifying Shakespeare’s handwriting to the handwriting of Addition IIc in the Sir Thomas More ms. and, by reference to the concept of a control as the indispensable requirement for such comparison, finds the arguments not only instances of special pleading, but a failure to satisfy this fundamental requirement. Urges agnosticism about the identification.

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• Independent consultant (mainly, defense, energy, environment) to private- and public-sector clients • Independent scholar (specialty: Shakespeare) • Intermittent full- or part-time teacher for 45 years in single-sex private and coed public secondary schools, community colleges, and four-year universities • Civic activist mainly in public education, columnist, and letter writer • Army officer (intelligence) and Vietnam veteran • NAACP Life member since 1968 and feminist since before the movement • left-leaning Independent once a Yellow-Dog Democrat • Two children, three step-children, and six grandchildren • Master of three dogs and servant to two cats