DepositAn Energy-Efficient Climate Control System for the Juneau-Douglas City Museum

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum requests $300,000 from the National Endowment of Humanities, Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections to install a heating, humidity, and ventilation upgrade that will correct and stabilize internal temperature deficits in our historic building that houses our collections. Housed in the first library built by public funds in Alaska in 1951 as a territory of the United States, the Juneau-Douglas City Museum resides in a building listed on the national register of historic places for the official 49-star flag raising ceremony when Alaska achieved statehood in 1959. Since initial construction in 1951, this facility has had no upgrades to its heating system, and has no integrated heating, ventilation and air cooling. The Juneau-Douglas City Museum is the only Museum in Alaska dedicated to the city of Juneau’s art and history collection

Deposit‘Still Children of the Dragon’? A review of three Chinese Australian heritage museums in Victoria

The Museum of Chinese Australian History reopened on 29th August 2010 with newly refurbished exhibitions displaying Chinese Australian history and contemporary Chinese Australian identities. This article reviews the new exhibitions in comparison with the Gum San Heritage Centre at Ararat and the Golden Dragon Museum at Bendigo and specifically examines the way each museum represents being Chinese and being Australian. This will be shown by interrogating the historical representations, text and methods of display.

DepositImproving Climate Control to Preserve Collections of the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum

The Springfield Museums request funding for the installation of sustainable climate modification in the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum in Springfield, MA. The 1896 American Renaissance building houses a cross-cultural humanities collection of 6,000 objects that include Asian Decorative arts, Japanese Arms & Armor, American paintings and a plaster cast gallery. The goal of the proposed system is to add air-conditioning and ventilation to the Museum to create a stable environment for exhibition displays and the large collections storage area as well as a temperature appropriate to human comfort without compromising the structural and historical integrity of the building. Implementation of this project will enable the introduction of cooling and superior air filtration to the gallery areas – stabilizing the temperature, modifying relative humidity fluctuations, and improving the air quality. This will have a profound positive impact on the preservation of the Museum’s collections

DepositBridging the Gap: Connecting Authors to Museum and Archival Collections

This project improves the ability of multimedia authors to interact with the digital collections of museums, archives, and libaries, thereby enhancing experimentation in new forms of humanities scholarship. The project envisions development of an open sources bridge between a widely used digital asset management system (CONTENTdm) and applications that support the Open Knowledge Initiative’s standard for interoperability, including open source, multimedia authoring tools. In a collaborative scholarly endeavor, we will use this software bridge to develop a multimedia presentation on the Pacific Northwest Artist Carl Hall (1921-1996) that directly incorporates images and audio from museum and archival digital collections.

DepositLinked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums Summit

Linked Open Data has begun to dramatically increase the amount of structured data available on the World Wide Web, which in turn is proving to offer incredible potential to share and access data across the humanities. Yet despite the possibilities, only a few institutions in the US have begun to embrace the use of Linked Open Data. The Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums Summit (“LOD-LAM”) will take place in San Francisco in May of 2011. The two-day summit will gather leading US practitioners, industry leaders, and proponents of Linked Open Data in the humanities, together with several leaders abroad, to define the field, address barriers to adoption, and create a report and recommendations for implementing Linked Open Data projects in the humanities.

DepositBuilding a Duchamp Research Portal at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Home to the largest and most significant collection of Marcel Duchamp artwork in the world, as well as an unparalleled collection of Duchamp-related archival materials, the Philadelphia Museum of Art seeks a one-year planning grant to pursue the first online research portal for digitized archival and reference materials created by or related to the artist. This work will be undertaken in collaboration with the Association Marcel Duchamp and the Musée National d’Art Moderne and Bibliothèque Kandinsky at Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou. Planning activities include consultation with copyright and technical specialists; collections surveys; and a meeting of an Advisory Board, representing Duchamp scholars, arts institutions, and technology and humanities advisors to formalize plans for designing, creating, and maintaining the Research Portal. A comprehensive white paper will document all planning efforts and guide project implementation.