DepositZum Stand der disziplin- und ideengeschichtlichen Forschung in der Geschichtsdidaktik

English: On the German-speaking State of Research in the History of History Education This paper provides a critical overview of the historical research of the German History Didactics. It is a statistical approach chosen to exhibit three major phases of the history of science projects. For these phases internal and external explanations are proposed. The article concludes with a short outlook on the present and future of historical research on History Didactics.

DepositCriticism after Romanticism, 4: Scholarship and Literary History. 5. Early sociological approaches

An overview of some central ideas and movements in nineteenth-century criticism and aesthetics during the Victorian period, after the heyday of Romanticism. This lecture centers on the development of historical scholarship and its context in the history of ideas, followed by some notes on incipient sociological theories of literature and proto-Marxist critical approaches in Czarist Russia.