MemberKatherine E. Gossett

My research interests include digital humanities, open source design, new media theory & practice, user exeperience design and medieval rhetoric. (And yes, there is a logical connection between technology and medieval rhetoric!) I am also the associate editor for the journal Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Before returning to graduate school I worked in the information technology sector as a project manager, interaction designer, systems designer, Y2K integration manager, web designer/architect, and technical communicator.

MemberShawn Moore

I’m a graduate student, Ph.D., in the Department of English at Texas A&M University. I am also a fellow for the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture. My current research is investigating the sociability of dramatic closet dramas and philosophical treatises of early English Restoration women writers. By mapping the associations of integral networks of personal and intellectual nodes within private works of early women writers, especially Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673), I am trying to challenge the notion that sociable texts required sociable readerships.