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I am interested in writing center scholarship, sustainable writing communities, writing program administration, the use of narrative in scholarship, transfer of writing center ethos from the one-on-one consultation to the group environment, graduate writing instruction, international education, writing as cultural phenomena, incorporating rhetorical tools from other languages into English-language conventions, and the essay.

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Modern Language Association

Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

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New Jersey College English Association…
…The Journal of Writing Analytics (Analytics) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published by Colorado State University Open Press. Additional support for the journal is provided by the University of South Florida and the National Science Foundation.

Conceptualized as a mu…
…Recent Books
Edward M. White, Norbert Elliot, and Irvin Peckham. Very Like a Whale: The Evaluation of Writing Instruction. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2015.

Norbert Elliot.  Henry Chauncey: An American Life.  New York: Peter Lang, 2014.

Norbert Elliot, and Lesli…

Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies, Writing Assessment, Technical Communication, Biography, Theory, Technology and Education, World Literature

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… of Carol Berkenkotter, Vijay Bhatia, and Maurizio Gotti, eds. Insights into Academic Genres. Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing 25.1 (2014): n.p. Web.Review of Eva Darias-Beautell, ed. Unruly Penelopes and the Ghosts: Narratives of English Canada. University o…

rhetoric and composition; writing studies; rhetorical genre studies; rhetoric of literary criticism; academic writing; urban literature; literature of place

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…                                                         2001
M. F A. in Creative Writing
Thesis—“Esperanza” and other Stories of East Harlem”
Lehman College, CUNY, Bronx NY                   …

Teaching professional with fourteen years experience originally from New York City. I believe that learning to writing well is an important life skill that can cut across all career tracks and help one achieve success in their given field. Specializing in creative aspects of writing such as poetry, short story writing, play-writing, and creative non fiction. Proficient in preparing upper level students for the rigors of thesis writing, preparation, and presentation. Secondary Specialization in web based magazine Editing and layout design. Fluency in conversational Spanish

MemberLaura Aull

Laura Aull is an associate professor of English and Linguistics at Wake Forest University and will begin as the director of the English Department Writing Program at the University of Michigan in 2020. Her most recent work focuses on linguistic analysis of civil discourse in academic writing, and her research can be found in journals focused on composition, applied linguistics, writing analytics, and writing assessment. She is the author of First-Year University Writing and the forthcoming book How Students Write: A Linguistic Analysis (MLA 2020), for which she received a National Academy of Education Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship