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…1.      “Michail Bachtin’s Philosophy of Literature”
A philological reading of writings by Michail Bachtin in pursuit of a global theoretical framework and cultural genealogies. The positioning of Bachtin’s thought at the crossroads between ethics and aesthetics, linguistics and literary criticism, philosophy and literature: with a focus on transdisciplinary approaches.
2.      “Russian Formalism and the construction of Literay Theory”
A new look at Russian Formalism through the analysis of documents and works written in Russian that have never been translated into Italian and other major Western languages. The main aim is to kickstart a new reflection on the historical significance a…
…After getting my high school diploma at Liceo Beccaria, Milan (56/60) I have graduated in Italian Literature in 1996 at Università degli Studi in Milan, with a dissertation in History of Literary Criticism, Voce e intonazione nel pensiero estetico di Michail Bachtin [ Voice and Intonation in Bachtin’sAesthetics], under the supervision of Prof. Franco Brioschi (110 cum laude, recommended for publication). I have earned my PhD in History of Italian Language and Literature in 2001 at the same university, with a dissertation Retorica e topica della “Scienza nuova” [Rhetorics and Topics in “The New Science”]. In 2002 I worked with Parlement international des écrivains in Paris. In 2003 I started working …

Founder and Director of Enthymema. International journal of literary criticism, literary theory, and philosophy of literature…

Literary criticism, literary theory, philosophy of literature, Rhetorics, anthropology of literature, styilistics. Mikhail Bakhtin, Russian Formalists, Giambattista Vico

DepositPlato’s Poetics

This paper presents an introductory overview of Plato’s poetics, aesthetics, and literary theory, with particular reference to his notion of mimesis, and grounding the discussion on his Theory of Ideas. It is part of a lecture series on the history of literary criticism, partly available online as HYPERCRITICA: A HYPERTEXTUAL HISTORY OF LITERARY CRITICISM. Keywords: Plato, Philosophy, Literary theory, Aesthetics, Poetics, Ideas, Representation, Mimesis

DepositLiterary Theory: Introduction and Greek Origins

This paper defines the concepts of literary theory and literary criticism as dialectically related activities, and puts forward a semiotic classification of literary theories. To conclude a preliminary approach to literary theory, it sketches out the origins of literary theorizing and critical practice in pre-philosophical thought and in the Greek writers and philosophers before Plato and Aristotle’s foundational works.