MemberMarko Demantowsky

Marko Demantowsky holds the chair for Public History at the Faculty Center for Transdisciplinary Historical and Cultural Studies at University of Vienna. Previously he was full professor for modern history and history education at at the School of Education FHNW (Departement Head for Social Sciences Education) and a member of the Institute for Educational Sciences at the University of Basel. Prior to this, he was assistant professor for history education at the University of Bochum (2007-12) and interim professor at Jena University (07-08) and Siegen University (06/07). Research assistant at the universities of Leipzig, Dortmund, Münster 1998-2007. His main research interests focus on the digital transformation particularly in Public History, the (digital) cultural anthropology of public history, and the theory and history of historical education. He has created and developed and now co-manages some multilingual infrastructures in the field of digital history.

MemberAaron Marrs

Ph.D. in History, University of South Carolina (May 2006)
M.A. in Public History, University of South Carolina (May 2002)
M.A. in Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina (May 2002)
B.A. cum laude in History, Lawrence University (June 1999)

Co-author, with William B. McAllister, Joshua Botts, and Peter Cozzens, Toward “Thorough, Accurate, and Reliable”: A History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Series (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 2015)
Co-editor, Foreign Rela…

I am a historian with a particular interest in the nineteenth-century American South, the history of technology (especially transportation), race relations, the history of time, and the history of consumerism.