MemberEmily Joyce Guigue

…I attend Carleton University and am currently in my fourth year of a combined major in history and classics. I have also taken courses on ancient philosophy and am particularly interested in stoicism. Post-undergrad I hope to pursue a masters in library and archival studies or public history….

I have been interested in history for as long as I can remember and always knew it would be something I wanted to pursue. I am in my fourth year of an undergraduate combined major of history and classics with a minor in philosophy.  My research interests cover a large array of topics. If I were to try to narrow it down to a handful of key points of interest, I would have to say the conscription debates in Canada during World War One, ancient Greek pottery, and stoicism are three areas of research I thoroughly enjoy. As you can tell, these subjects are all vastly different from one another.  In an ideal world, I wish to pursue a masters degree in public history or library and archival studies. I am currently taking a course on medieval manuscripts and while it differs quite substantially from each of my research interests, I enjoy learning new things. I saw this course as the perfect opportunity to do so. I look forward to developing an understanding of part of the medieval world through my manuscript as well as opening it up to a larger public that otherwise would not have access to it. I often spend the majority of my days on campus buried in course material. When I am not working on assignments, I can be found at work at the Carleton library, reading a book, or on a run.

DepositFilm Museum Practice and Film Historiography

“Film Museum Practice and Film Historiography is a meticulously researched work and a welcome addition to the already growing body of work related to film archiving practices. Lameris’ book is not only about engaging with the history of the Nederlands Filmmuseum but also about situating this case study within the larger context of film history and film archiving practices throughout the world. Indeed, students and scholars of cinema studies along with archival and museum studies will find Lameris’ approach particularly useful.” – Rahul Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 2018, Vol. 38, No. 2