DepositThere and Back Again: A Journey to Ashkelon and Its Intertexts in Yerushalmi Sanhedrin 4:6 (=Hagigah 2:2)

Every place is accompanied by its own set of etiologies, origin-stories, local histories, urban myths, folklore, rumors, and gossip. A story about a journey is also about transitioning between different narratives and modes of being. In this essay I discuss one such story, about a lonely disciple from Ashkelon, a rabbinic figure named Shimʿon b. Shatah,̣ and forty witches. It is a strange story, found only in the Palestinian Talmud. Its textual tradition is complex, it contains a host of obscure characters, and for rabbinic literature it is uncharacteristically long.

MemberLouise O'Boyle

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