MemberJorge Rodriguez

Teaching professional with fourteen years experience originally from New York City. I believe that learning to writing well is an important life skill that can cut across all career tracks and help one achieve success in their given field. Specializing in creative aspects of writing such as poetry, short story writing, play-writing, and creative non fiction. Proficient in preparing upper level students for the rigors of thesis writing, preparation, and presentation. Secondary Specialization in web based magazine Editing and layout design. Fluency in conversational Spanish

MemberAndrew Wymer

Before joining the faculty of New Brunswick Theological Seminary, I served for two years as the Styberg Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Homiletics at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, and as Coordinator of the Styberg Preaching Institute. I also teach in the Association of Chicago Theological Schools Doctor of Ministry in Preaching program. My most recent research focuses on developing constructive theologies for the theory and practice of anti-racist preaching and worship.

MemberBartlomiej Gajos

Currently, I’m a PhD Candidate at The Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences working on the project ‘The Memory of the October Revolution in the USSR/Russia 1917-2015 on the examples of Moscow and Tambov.’ Since 2017 I have been working at the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding. I also cooperate with the Polish Institute of International Affairs on the Polish Diplomatic Documents series. Interested in my research see the website:

MemberBeatrice Ashton-Lelliott

My thesis is entitled: ‘Magical Lives: life-writing, performance magic and crafting the self in the Victorian period and beyond’. It primarily examines the autobiographies of nineteenth-century magicians and the analogous representations of fictional magicians and conjuring in Victorian literature. My other research interests include occulture, magical realism, second-generation Romantic poetry and fantasy fiction.

MemberColin Greenstreet

Colin Greenstreet is co-founder and co-director of MarineLives, a not-for-profit for the transcription, linkage and enrichment of the manuscript records of the English High Court of Admiralty from the 1650s and 1660s. The original records are held at the National Archives in Kew, England. Central to the vision of MarineLives is the bringing together of volunteers from academia and the general public, organised in facilitated teams and supported by modern IT and communications technology, to create an educational resource of value.

MemberDavid Zeitlyn

I have been working with Mambila in Cameroon since 1985, research various topics including traditional religion, sociolinguistics, kinship and history. In recent years I have started to work with Cameroonian photographers. In 2003/4 I was the Evans-Prichard lecturer at All Souls College, Oxford presenting a series of lectures on the life-history of Diko Madeleine, the first wife of Chief Konaka of Somié (see In 2005, as part of Africa’05, an exhibition of two Cameroonian studio photographers was held at the National Portrait Gallery, London in a display called ‘Cameroon-London’. Some images from an earlier showing in Cameroon are online at Other Interests: I have long standing interests in multimedia and how internet technologies can be used to illuminate and access museum collections and archives. My work on Mambila spider divination as a ‘technology of choice making’ led to some pioneering observational work on how library users choose which books to read. From this I became involved in how academic research infrastructure is managed.