I am a Biblical Studies tutor in Theology & Religious Studies at the University of Glasgow.

My research is based in comic book adaptations of biblical material, reception history of the Bible, Bible and literature, Bible and art, women in the Bible/women and the Bible, gender in the Hebrew Bible.

I studied at the University of Glasgow for my undergraduate degree, graduating in 2013. I also attained my MTh (title: “Sequential Art in the Seventeenth Century: An Analysis of Wenceslaus Hollar’s Etchings of Genesis 12-24”) and most recently my PhD (title: “Drawing (non)Tradition: Matriarchs, Motherhood and the Presentation of Sacred Texts in “The Book of Genesis, Illustrated by R. Crumb”) from the University of Glasgow.

In my first year as a biblical studies tutor, I have created and developed a new Honours-level course on Women and Gender in the Bible and the Ancient World, and I also teach biblical Hebrew language, an introduction to the Bible course, Texts & Cultures of the Bible, and Honours-level courses in Genesis, Wisdom Literature and Old Testament/Tanakh.

I also co-run a Comics Reading Group at Glasgow which runs every fortnight (you can follow us on @gucomicsrg on twitter) and we have a weekly podcast which caters to both academic and non-academic audiences.


2014-2018: PhD Candidate, Theology & Religious Studies/Stirling Maxwell Centre for Text-Image Studies, University of Glasgow.

2013-2014: MTh (Research) Theology & Religious Studies/Stirling Maxwell Centre for Text-Image Studies, University of Glasgow.

2009-2013: MA (Hons), Theology & Religious Studies, University of Glasgow. Final Award: with Honors of the First Class.

2005-2007: HND Art & Design, Dumfries & Galloway College.


Forthcoming 2019: Abraham in Jewish and Early Christian Literature (London: Bloomsbury) Sean Adams & Zanne Domoney-Lyttle (editors).

Forthcoming 2019: “Subverting Expectations: R. Crumb’s “Pro-Feminist” Interpretation of Women in the Bible” in The Comics of R. Crumb (Mississippi: University of Mississippi Press) edited by Daniel Worden.

Forthcoming 2018: “Bloody Murder in the Bible: Interpreting Fratricide in Biblical Comics” in Violence in Comics (London: Routledge) edited by Ian Horton, Ian Hague, Nina Mickwitz.

Forthcoming 2018: “The Manga Bible” Entry in Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception.

Various book reviews for The Kelvingrove ReviewThe Expository Times, Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics and Journal for the Study of the Old Testament.


I am a member of The Shiloh Project (https://shiloh-project.group.shef.ac.uk/)

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

April 30th, SIIBS, University of Sheffield
“Sarah the Priestess? Re-imagining the role of the matriarchs R. Crumb’s Genesis, Illustrated“.

July 6th, Shiloh Project Conference
“The Handmaid’s Jail: Framing Sexual Assault and Rape Narratives in Biblical Comics”.


Comics Studies Society: 2016 – present.
Society for Old Testament Study: 2016 – present.
Society of Biblical Literature: 2015 – present.
International Bande Dessinée Society: 2013 – 2014.


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