• Yalın Akçevin deposited K-Pop: Going Global, Keeping Korean, Becoming Hybrid on Humanities Commons 2 years, 9 months ago

    This article aims at understanding the identity of K-Pop as a Korean product gone global and to describe the nature of the social space that has been created around it. The approach employed in this paper is holistic, in that it takes into account the creation, distribution, and consumption of K-Pop as integral elements in the making of K-Pop and the cultural space around it. I argue that in each mentioned step, K-Pop allows for the mixing together of Korean music and culture with other cultures it comes into contact with across the globe, which results in the creation of a cultural product and shared cultural space that is a hybrid in nature. The resulting analysis finds that K-Pop is a phenomenon that is a hybrid from its initial stages of creation to
    its final stages of consumption and recreation by the fans, in which a cycle of hybridization is sustained and K-Pop becomes a global hybrid.