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    The third volume of the DH Benelux Journal. This volume includes six full-length, peer-reviewed articles that are based on accepted contributions to the 2020 virtual DH Benelux conference. Contents: 1. Editor’s Preface (Wout Dillen, Marijn Koolen, Marieke van Erp); 2. Introduction: Digital Humanities Online (Antske Fokkens, Christian Gosvig Olesen); 3. I Catching. Computationally Operationalising Narrative Perspective
    for Stylometric Analysis (Lisanne M. van Rossum, Joris J. van Zundert, Karina van Dalen-Oskam); 4. Reconstructing Gavin Douglas’s Translation Practice in the Eneados Using a Corpus Linguistic-Based Method (Megan Bushnell); 5. Using Linked Data to Track and Trace Processes of Canonization in Early Modern Dutch Literature (Harm Nijboer, Lieke van Deinsen, Leon van Wissen, Judith Brouwer, Ton van Strien, Frans Blom); 6. Vehemence and Victims: Emotion Mining Historical Parliamentary Debates on War Victims in the Netherlands (Milan van Lange and Ralf Futselaar); 7. #Bookstagram and Beyond. The Presence and Depiction of the Bachmann Literary Prize on Social Media (2007-2017) (Lore De Greve, Gunther Martens); 8. The Digital Humanities Classroom as a “Node”. From Toolbox to Mindset? (Florentina Armaselu).