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    The second volume of the DH Benelux Journal. This volume includes four full-length, peer-reviewed articles that are based on accepted contributions to the 2019 DH Benelux conference in Liège (Belgium) on Digital Humanities in Society. Contents: 1. Editors’ Preface (Wout Dillen, Marijn Koolen, Marieke van Erp); 2. Introduction: Digital Humanities in Society (Ingrid Mayeur and Claartje Rasterhoff); 3. A Corpus-Based Approach to Michelangelo’s Epistolary Language (GianlucaValenti); 4. The Datafication of Early Modern Ordinances (C. Annemieke Romein, Sara Veldhoen, and Michel de Gruijter); 5. A-poetic Technology. #GraphPoem and the Social Function of Computational Performance (Chris Tanasescu, Diana Inkpen, Vaibhav Kesarwani, and Prasadith Kirinde Gamaarachchige); 6. Decomplexifying the network pipeline:
    a tool for RDF/Wikidata to network analysis (Julie M. Birkholz and Albert Meroo-Peuel)