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    The first volume of the DH Benelux Journal. This volume includes four full-length, peer-reviewed articles that are based on accepted contributions to the 2018 DH Benelux conference in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on Integrating Digital Humanities.

    1. Editors’ Preface (Wout Dillen, Marijn Koolen, Marieke van Erp)
    2. Introduction: Integrating Digital Humanities (Julie Birkholz and Gerben Zaagsma)
    3. Boundary practices of digital humanities collaborations (Max Kemman)
    4. Manuscripts, Metadata, and Medieval Multilingualism: Using a Manuscript Dataset to Analyze Language Use and Distribution in Medieval England (Krista A. Murchison and Ben Companjen)
    5. Analysis of Fidel Castro Speeches Enhanced by Data Mining (Sergio Peignier and Patricia Zapata)
    6. Character Centrality in Present-Day Dutch Literary Fiction (Roel Smeets, Eric Sanders, and Antal van den Bosch)