I am the Director of the Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center in the NC State University Libraries, an instructor in the UNC SILS, and an OER Research Fellow. Trained as a lawyer and librarian, I guide policy, speak, and write on open culture and navigating legal uncertainty.

As a course designer and presenter for ACRL, SPARC, and the Open Textbook Network, I have developed training materials and workshops across the US and for international audiences from Ontario to Abu Dhabi. My current research focuses on the relationship between copyright and open education. I serve as PI on two IMLS-funded projects: the Scholarly Communication Notebook (LG-36-19-0021-19) and the Library Copyright Institute (RE-87-18-0081-18).



Book Chapters

  • Cross, W., But How Are Things Going in Practice?: A Five-Year Review of an LIS Legal Issues for Librarians Course. In Smith, Ellis, and Becker (eds.) Coaching Copyright: Best Practices for Teaching a Difficult Subject. (Forthcoming)

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Journal Articles

  • Cross, W., Finding a Way Forward for Streaming Media in Library Collections, Copyright & New Media Law, 21(2) (2017)

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  • Cross, W., Hot Coffee and Freeze-Dried First Amendment Analysis: The Dubious Constitutionality of Using Private Ratings for Public Regulation of Video Games. First Amendment Law Review, 4 (1), 299-340 (2007)

White Papers and Conference Proceedings

  • Issue Brief: Legal and Practical Approaches to Open Licensing for Educational Assessment Materials, Creative Commons USA (In Development)

  • Issue Brief: Using Fair Use to Preserve and Share Disappearing Government Information, Association of Research Libraries (2017)

  • Jump Start Your Scholarly Communication Initiatives: Lessons Learned From Redesigning the Scholarly Communications Roadshow for a New Generation of Librarians, ACRL 2017 Conference (2017)

  • Don’t Share This Item! Developing Digital Collections and Services in a Consumer‐Licensed World. Charleston Conference (2016)

  • Where Do We Go From Here: Choosing a Framework for Assessing Research Data Services and Training. Charleston Conference (2016)

  • Libraries Leading the Way on the Textbook Problem. Charleston Conference (2015)

  • Building Capacity in Your Library for Research Data Management Support (Or What We Learned From Offering to Review DMPs). Charleston Conference (2015)

  • Support When It Counts – Library Roles in Public Access to Federally-Funded Research. Charleston Conference (2014)

  • Report of the ARL Joint Task Force on Services to Patrons with Print Disabilities Association of Research Libraries (2012)

  • Developing Copyright Policy: A Guide for Liberal Arts Colleges, Consortium of Liberal Art Colleges (2010)


Upcoming Talks and Conferences

  • “Supporting Student Success through Textbook Affordability Initiatives” UNC System 2020 Student Success Conference, February 12, 2020

  • “Preconference: Copyright, Creative Commons, and OER” Open Educational Resources for HBCU Academic Librarians Summit, February 9, 2020

  • “Is Your Humanist Texting About Copyright?” National Humanities Center, January 22, 2020

  • “Copyright and OER: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together” National Humanities Center, December 18, 2019

  • “Entertainment Law & Order: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the Library Environment” National Media Market, November 21, 2019


  • Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication (Editorial Board, 2019 – present)

  • ACRL Research and Scholarly Environment Committee (Member, 2015 – present)

  • Open Textbook Network (UNC System Representative 2017 – present)

  • Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication (Reviewer 2015 – present)

  • Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship (Reviewer 2016 – present)

  • Steering Committee: PsyArXiv

  • Presenter Coordinator: ACRL Scholarly Communications Road Show

  • Advisory Board: Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute

  • American Library Association (Member 2011 – present)

  • Association of College and Research Libraries (Member 2011 – present)

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