My name is Davis Winkie, and I am a Ph.D. student in military history at UNC-Chapel Hill. My hobbies include running and following my favorite soccer team, Atlanta United FC. In a past life, I played college football for Vanderbilt University, but now I moonlight as a soldier in the NC Army National Guard.

My general research interests center around American memory and commemoration of its 20th century wars. These interests are very inclusive: memorials, public education curricula, movies, books, music, ceremonies, and more.

In the past, this has led me to track the evolution of U.S. high school history textbooks’ treatments of the Japanese-American internment and the Allied bombing campaign in WWII. I have also explored the ways that politics and economic necessity led the way in shaping the form and function of Tennessee’s WWI memorial.

My current project (which is to become my M.A. thesis and an article) reevaluates the early Cold War relationship between the U.S. military, the Production Code Administration, and Hollywood. I argue that Hollywood war films faced a daunting system of soft censorship orchestrated by the DoD and PCA. Ultimately, this demonstrates the direct role that the military played in planting the cinematic seeds for America’s enduring popular “good war” mythology.


B.A. Classics; History, Vanderbilt University.

2017- M.A./PhD. Military History (teaching area in U.S. history), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Other Publications

[Accepted, pending revision] “Commemoration Coopted: The Battle over Tennessee’s War Memorial Building, “a partial offering,” 1918-1921” Tennessee Historical Quarterly.


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