• On 18 April 2021, 12 European football clubs collectively issued a letter of
    intent to form a new European Super League. This attempted coup was
    strongly opposed across English football. Afterwards, the responsible
    owner-oligarchs were singled out for special criticism from pundits and
    supporter organizations alike. What emerged was a focus upon the personal
    greed and social indifference of those individuals, but what was less
    forthcoming in the days following was an analysis capable of putting the
    ‘greed thesis’ into a more effective social, economic, and even historical
    context. This article strives for a more sociological understanding of the
    April 18th coup, to understand better the broader social developments in
    the political economy of English football from which the coup has come
    into being. This article calls for regulatory reform of professional football
    in England, to show why such reform is not merely more plausible now
    but more necessary