• The household as a social formation is being assigned a renewed function in
    the provision of social welfare via neoliberal austerity politics. Government inaction regarding
    housing provision is forcing millions of young adults into “parental co-habitation”. In
    contrast to the dominant ideological view of the family as a school of liberty through the
    provision of welfare, this article argues that the dependence of millions of young adults on
    the parental household is degenerative both for the individual “recipient” and for the future
    democratic character of the polity. Mobilizing a Neo-Roman analysis of Liberty, I argue that
    housing policy is promoting the long-term creation of “slaves” as part of a wider strategy of
    oligarchic domination. The article seeks to articulate an explicitly political theoretical
    critique of “parental co-habitation” and advocates for directed government action in the area
    of housing provision to secure the autonomy and independence of a generation otherwise
    reduced to “slavishness”.