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    I’m curious whether people can recommend their go-to texts by C.S. Peirce on his semiotics. Say, what you’d use to teach it to undergrads? (I’m familiar with the general options, but was never taught his work on signs and find his oeuvre to be pretty confusing)

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    Invite one and all, created this group because there wasn’t one already!

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    I will be increasingly active on this site, decreasingly so on (very dissatisfied with/disappointed in the latter).


MFA/M.Litt., Mary Baldwin University, Shakespeare and Performance Program in partnership with the American Shakespeare Center

MA, Philosophy, University of Auckland

BA, Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin


“The Comic Structure of the Globe: History, Direct Address, and the Representation of Laughter in a Reconstructed Playhouse.” Shakespeare Bulletin, vol. 31 no. 3, 2013, pp. 375-403.

Caldwell, W. C. & Kenny, A. “The Reconstructed Dramaturg.” Theatre Topics, vol. 24 no. 1, 2014, pp. 11-23

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