• Vanessa Ceia deposited Mapping the Movida: Re-Imagining Counterculture in Late 20th-Century Spain in the group Group logo of Digital HumanistsDigital Humanists on Humanities Commons 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Vanessa Ceia’s talk features her project, “Mapping the Movida,” which visualizes the Movida, a sociological phenomenon and cultural renaissance that emerged in Madrid during the first decade of Spanish democracy (1976-1986). Ceia demonstrates how combining the use of digital tools and deep mapping techniques with traditional archival research methods has the potential to de-colonize historically accepted geographies and narratives of the Movida. Her project is a scholarly response to the limited scope of artists (mostly male and affluent) historically associated with the Movida in mainstream press and scholarship. Unearthing new spaces, artists, and socio-economic classes, Mapping the Movida problematizes the cultural and spatial canon of the period and brings to light uncharted human geographies of post-authoritarian Spain.