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    In 1972–3, the American composer Barney Childs began work on a book of interviews with modern composers. Unfortunately, Childs could not find a publisher for the book and abandoned the project. The interviews have remained, unpublished and almost unseen, for over forty years. This paper will introduce Childs’ interview with Wolff in June 1972. Here Wolff and Childs discuss their concerns, including composition (his recent composition Burdocks), performance, and education. As I have just received this interview, this paper will have no definitive conclusions. It will, rather, examine the interview as time capsule, as a kind of research expedition. Update, 6 March 2017: The present paper appears as it was given in 2015, as a spoken text. Since this conference paper, I have received all of Childs’ interviews, and have now almost finished editing the original interviews before writing contextual essays for the final publication of his book.