I am an independent researcher in adaptation, film and television studies. My main research interests are film and TV novelizations, science-fiction cinema and contemporary TV series.


PhD | Literature | KU Leuven, 2011
MA | Literary Studies | KU Leuven / VUB / UGent / UA, 2006
MA | Linguistics and Literature: Germanic Languages | KU Leuven, 2005


Edited Collection

  • Van Parys, Thomas and I.Q. Hunter, eds. (2013). Science Fiction across Media: Adaptation/Novelization. Canterbury: Gylphi.


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Other Publications

  • Van Parys, Thomas (2009). “De Hollywoodnovellisatie voor de bijl”, Parmentier 18 (4): 32-37.

  • Van Parys, Thomas (2008). “The Science Fiction Film Still”, EXTRA – Fotografie in context 1: 24-25.

  • Van Parys, Thomas (2006). “De continuatie-novellisatie als subgenre: The Prisoner en Lost”, Deus ex Machina 117: 62-64.


Blog Posts


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