• Martins Uze E. Tugbokorowei deposited Culture and National Development in Nigeria: A Critical Appraisal in the group Group logo of SustainabilitySustainability on Humanities Commons 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria as a developing country is on the fast track to the attainment of development, or supposedly so. In this endeavour, priority is inevitably placed on science and technology as the only routes for the attainment of this dream. Such one track minded disposition is mouthed to the exclusion of other factors that contribute to the development of societies and nations. This position is in spite of the fact that different Presidents of Nigeria, State Governors, and other highly placed government officials make statements about the place of culture in the development of Nigeria. This is also in spite of the eventual articulation and promulgation of a cultural policy for Nigeria. We notice, therefore, that the approach adopted by Nigeria to attain development is flawed. This is because the strategies are not grounded in the culture of Nigeria. Every nation that has attained remarkable heights, development wise, has done so on the plank of her culture, and the subjugation of her social, political, economic, and technological drives to the dictates of her culture and the impetus thus derived. This paper attempts to look at the roles culture has played in Nigeria and the roles it can play to fast track Nigeria s development.