Dr Travis Holland is a Senior Lecturer in Communication at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Travis teaches both undergraduate and masters subjects on digital media, communication theory, and research strategies. Before joining CSU, he lectured and tutored at the University of Wollongong in communication and media studies for several years, specialising in digital communication.

Travis’ research focus is exploring how public and scientific organisations such as space agencies and museums can more effectively engage with the public through digital and social media, physical exhibition spaces, and the role of traditional media such as television. Research projects include career development in the space sector, communicating about paleontology through podcasts, and the relationship between media, science, and exploration.

Outside of academia, Travis has worked as both a contracted and freelance journalist, as a freelance content producer for marketing agencies, and in politics.

Other Publications

Carr, R., Evans-Locke, K., Abu-Saif, H., Boucher, R., Douglas, K., Patel, L., & Holland, T. (2018). Peer-learning to employable: Learnings from an evaluation of PASS attendee and facilitator perceptions of employability at Western Sydney University. Journal of Peer Learning, 11(1), 41-64. [4]. https://ro.uow.edu.au/ajpl/vol11/iss1/4

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Orchard, C., & Holland, TA. (2018). Artstate Bathurst: Rapporteurs’ report. Regional Arts NSW.

Silverstone, Z., Sridharan, D., Page, S., Silva, N., Holland, T., Rady, T., Antlej, K., Raines, S., & McGarry, A. (2021). Space assets and technologies for bushfire management. Paper presented at International Astronautical Congress, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. https://iafastro.directory/iac/paper/id/65825/abstract-pdf/IAC-21,E5,4,7,x65825.brief.pdf?2021-04-02.17:32:36

Watt, L., & Holland, TA. (2021). Sexism in Survival Situations: Gender in Jurassic Park. Manuscript submitted for publication. In Gender and Action Heroes Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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