I am an Assistant Professor of Religion at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. I teach courses in Christian Origins & History, Religion & Gender, Religion & Nature, and the interrelated histories of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. My most recent research has explored early Christian theorizations of nonhuman bodies and landscapes for their impacts on Christian identity and community formation. My other research interests include topics in gender/sexuality studies, ecocriticism, posthumanism, and ritual studies.


Ph.D., with honors, Ancient Mediterranean Religions, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.A., with distinction, Ancient Mediterranean Religions, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.A., summa cum laude, Religious Studies and Classics, Washington University in St. Louis

Other Publications


Demonic Bodies and the Dark Ecologies of Early Christian Culture (Oxford University Press, 2022).


Peer-reviewed Articles & Book Chapters

“The Environments of Ephesus in Antiquity: A History in Four Islands,” in Pavla Simkova and Milica Prokic, eds., Environmental History of Islands (White Horse Press, forthcoming).


“Nature, Animals, and Sexual Ethics in Early Christianity,” Studia Patristica (forthcoming).


“Tertullian of Carthage, Sexualized Violence, and the ‘Abjection’ of the Female Flesh,” in Christy Cobb and Eric Vanden Eykel, eds., Sex, Violence, and Early Christian Texts (Lexington Books. 2022): 123-141.


“Books, Scribes, and Cultures of Reading in the Shepherd of Hermas,Journal of Ecclesiastical History 73.3 (July, 2022): 461-479. (*Awarded Eusebius Essay Prize).


“Hospitality, not Honors: Portraits and Patronage in the Acts of John,” Harvard Theological Review 115.1 (February, 2022): 69-89.


“A Cartography of Kinship: Domestic Space, Tomb Cult, and the Re-Mapping of Ephesus in the Acts of John,Journal of Early Christian Studies 29.4 (Winter, 2021): 463-493. (*Awarded A.R. Pete Diamond Award for Integrative Scholarship by the Society of Biblical Literature).


“Environmental Change, the Acts of John, and Shifting Cultic Landscapes in Late Antique Ephesus,” Studies in Late Antiquity 5.2 (2021): 176-215.


“The Past, Present, and Religious Studies Future of Civic Engagement in American Higher Education.” With Sara Ronis. The Wabash Center Journal On Teaching 1.3 (2020): 23-40.


“Dining with ‘Inhuman’ Demons: Greco-Roman Sacrifice, Demonic Ritual, and the Christian Body in Clement of Alexandria,” Studia Patristica LXXXII (2017): 51-72.


“Daemonic Trickery, Platonic Mimicry: Traces of Christian Daemonological Discourse in Porphyry’s De Abstinentia, Vigiliae Christianae 68.4 (2014): 416-449.


“Bodiless Docetists and the Daimonic Jesus: Daimonological Discourse and Anti-Docetic Polemic in Ignatius’ Letter to the Smyrnaeans,Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 14 (2013): 183-204.


Review Essays


Review of M. David Litwa, Posthuman Transformation in Ancient Mediterranean Thought.          Cambridge University Press, 2021. Reading Religion (forthcoming, 2021).


Review of Andrei Orlov, Demons of Change: Antagonism and Apotheosis in Jewish and      Christian Apocalypticism. SUNY Press, 2020. Journal of Theological Studies (forthcoming, 2021).


Review of Risto Uro et al., eds., The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual. Oxford University Press, 2019. Journal of Theological Studies 71.1 (2020): 343–345.


Review of Markus Vinzent, Writing the History of Early Christianity: From Reception to Retrospection. Cambridge University Press, 2019. Journal of Early Christian Studies 28.1 (2020): 168-169.



Public & Digital Publications

“Christianity in Ephesus,” digital database entry for The Database of Religious History (religiondatabase.org), University of British Columbia. August, 2020.


“Demons and Christians in Antiquity,” guest blog post for The Bart Ehrman Blog. (http://bit.ly/2HcKfla). February, 2020.


“Are We Human, or Are We Demon? Ancient Perspectives on Modern Ecological Challenges,” blog post for “Being Human in the Age of Humans” series, University of Notre Dame Center for Theology, Science, & Human Flourishing. February, 2019.


“Devils and Disguises in a ‘World Gone Mad’: Mythic, Artistic, and Socio-Political Themes in Lavar Munroe’s ‘Devil in a White City,’” Devil in a White City: A Painting Series by Lavar Munroe (Shreveport, LA: Publications of the Meadows Museum of Art, 2018). January, 2018.


“The Apostle Paul and Ancient Christian Veiling Practices,” presentation to “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” live-audience podcast, Episode 14 (“Oh, My God”). New York, NY. (http://tmsidk.com/2017/04/oh-my-god/). January, 2017.


“Dissertation Spotlight: Rulers of the Air: Demonic Bodies and the Making of the Christian Cosmos,” Ancient Jew Review. (https://bit.ly/2vkPGZM). October, 2016.


“Studies Confirm: Your Steak is Possessed by Demons,” Religion Dispatches: The Cubit. (https://bit.ly/1NjrN4a). March, 2015.


Blog Posts


    Works in Progress

    Multispecies and Posthuman Perspectives on the Body of Jesus (50-300 CE) (book manuscript, in process)


    “Angels all the Way Down: A Multispecies Exploration of Tertullian’s On the Veiling of  Virgins” (article manuscript, under review).


    American Academy of Religion

    Society of Biblical Literature

    North American Patristics Society

    Association Internationale d’Études Patristiques/International Association of Patristic Studies

    American Society of Church History

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