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    Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations (Japanese History), University of Chicago

    BA&MA in History, City College of CUNY


    “Shōka and Naniwa-bushi in Inoue Hisashi’s Manzanar, My Town (1993): Violence, Vulnerability, and Women’s Solidarity,” U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal, No. 55/56, 2019: 128–152.

    (In Japanese) “Hara Kagai’s ‘Socialist Kodan’ during and after the Russo-Japanese War: Appropriation of Urban Space and Theater Culture”, The Ilbon-hak, Journal of Japanology, No.47, November 2018: 229−258.

    “‘Organizing’ Meiji Women: The Role of the Japanese Chapter of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union for Individual Activists, 1900–1905”, Women’s History Review, Vol. 26, No. 6, October 2017: 975−993.

    “Motherly Affection as Tactics: Negotiating the Bourgeois Household in Higuchi Ichiyō’s Kono ko”, Asian Journal of Women’s Studies, Vol.23, Issue 3, August 2017: 321−339. 

    (In Japanese) “Everyday Practice of Performance and Violence: Tokyo’s ‘Shitamachi’ Populace in Miyako Shinbun after the Russo-Japanese War”, The Ilbon-hak, Journal of Japanology, No.43, November 2016: 207−228.

    ‘“Anarchist Beauties’ in Late Meiji Japan: Media Narratives of Police Violence in the Red Flag Incident”, Radical History Review, Vol. 2016, No. 126, October 2016: 30−49.

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