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    Introduction Using Stebbins’ concept of ‘serious leisure’ and Savolainen’s concept of everyday life information seeking’, this study investigates the information behaviour of Fantasy Premier League players and explores the role the online fan community plays in this behaviour. Method A mixed method approach was taken which included a questionnaire and semi structured interviews. 115 questionnaire responses were collected, and 8 interviews were conducted by videocall. Participants were asked to describe their information practices and the sources they used each week. Analysis Qualitative analysis was conducted on the interview transcripts and triangulation occurred with the results of the questionnaire. Results Results show a preference for distinctive information behaviours, a preference for informal sources and differences between casual players and those active in the online community. The role of Twitter in the information behaviour of players was notable. Conclusions The study shows that players use exhibit distinctive and sophisticated information behaviours and that online communities are increasingly important sites of information in serious leisure contexts.