Tekla Babyak received her PhD in musicology from Cornell University in 2014, supported by a Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies and a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship. She is currently an independent musicologist based in Davis, CA. She has chosen not to pursue academic employment because of her potentially disabling health condition, multiple sclerosis. She is an advocate for the inclusion of independent and disabled scholars in academic venues such as conferences.

Her research focuses on intersections between music, temporality, and philosophy during the long 19th century. Her article “Tropes of Transcendence: Representing and Overcoming Time in Nineteenth-Century Music” appeared in the Journal of the Royal Musical Association (Fall 2017). Forthcoming publications include “The Rubble of the Other: Beethoven’s Ruins of Athens” in a Routledge volume of essays, and “Dante, Liszt, and the Alienated Agony of Hell” in Bibilotheca Dantesca. She is a member of the American Musicological Society council for the 2018-2021 term.

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