I am a writer and artist living in Wellington New Zealand. I have a PhD in literary theory and creative writing from Deakin University, Melbourne; and an MFA and BFA from Auckland University, with a long history of art exhibitions. My diverse creative interests and experience inform my work on visual and textual hybridity. I have been a tenured visual arts lecturer in mixed-modalities at tertiary level; a fine art gallerist; and a freelance writer. I have numerous awards, scholarships, publications, and exhibitions. I welcome opportunities to collaborate on interdisciplinary / mixed modality or inter-genre projects.



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Various essays, many book reviews, a short story, art catalogue essays, experimental poetic works, and genre-free contributions. In 2023 my tending-academic monograph will be published with an international publisher.

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    2022 – 2023 On the Mundane, a Performance Research Journal initiative: from November 2022 to an as yet to be confirmed publication date, this collaborative international project is being undertaken by a selection of artists, performers, and writers. This will be edited into a publication for the PR Journal. More details soon.


    2021 Venetian Blind Redux

    An exhibition that re-stages our 2019 Venice work (below) with the addition of new work generated by the six teams in a new setting. We received a new provocation on Feb 8th 2021 and had until Feb 26th to make and install a new response in the gallery space at Burwood Melbourne. A print catalogue of this and also the Venice work, has been produced.


    2020 Broken Seize Whole

    October 9th, My art-and-text works, in the Poem Brut series, at 3am Magazine, online.
    See: https://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/poem-brut-tasha-haines/


    2019 Venetian Blind during the Venice Biennale

    For the month of October I was involved with Venetian Blind, a six-month, six-team project staged in Venice during the Biennale. Teams were given a written provocation on site with no prior knowledge of what this would be, and one month to work. Organised by Australia’s Public Art Commission for the European Cultural Commission’s Personal Structures exhibition at Palazzo Bembo, Venice. Team Six was: Tasha Haines, Antonia Pont, & Martin Potter, with a contribution also from Mick Douglas. We produced six video works that we collectively titled Depth in Venice.
    See: https://vimeo.com/user104250044




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