• Subaveerapandiyan A deposited VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT IS PLEASURE OR PRESSURE on Humanities Commons 1 year, 8 months ago

    The primary aim of this study intends the perception of students towards online learning in the covid-19 pandemic period. The pandemic has changed the traditional concepts of the education system and broken the functions of the educational institutions. But, they give it an opportunity to change pedagogy. The research paper discussed the students’ opinions on online learning/virtual classroom learning. This study applied a qualitative approach and prepared a systematic questionnaire for data collection. The researcher collected the data from 258 students from different places in India and also, the disproportionate sampling used for data collection. The research mainly focused on the student’s perception, the comfort and discomfort of e-learning, using electronic devices for communication, the virtual learning is a pleasure or pressure to the students, the digital skills of the students and their active performance. The study revealed that over 50% of the students are having excellent knowledge of digital skills. The students are attending online classes through their personal computers or laptops and phones. The teachers are allowing the students to ask questions and clear the doubt of the students. The study found that the students are losing social interaction with teachers, friends and cannot access the library because of online classes. Finally, the students felt that online learning is a pressure instead of pleasure.