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    Slideshow for a forthcoming invited presentation. ABSTRACT: Podcasting originated as a new form of audio broadcasting, but by 2006, issues of ease of use, proprietary technology, and finances slowed its momentum. Now podcasting is more popular than ever. This presentation therefore traces the author’s initial and current CALL podcasting projects, reconsidering the foundations and pedagogy of podcasting. BACKGROUND: The author’s pioneer work in podcasting was thwarted when his Japancasting blog suddenly disappeared from both paid and free hosting sites about 15 years ago. Japancasting had received many international honors including an “Effective Practice” award from the Online Learning Consortium, particularly for English as a Foreign Language Student-Generated Content. Now the author is collaborating with educators in India to revive the podcasting channel as open educational resources for a broader audience including developing country learners. Download this illustrated slideshow for details on the considerations involved, explanatory concepts, and conclusions.