Steve is from Boston and lives near Kyoto. Full Professor for 22 years, he now lectures for Osaka Jogakuin University and the Japanese government international agency JICA. Since 1998 he is the World Association for Online Education President. He has taught classes at three graduate schools including the national University of Tsukuba. At Kansai University from 2015-2020 he taught international ICT-related classes and was in a unique Faculty Development position. His CV lists 225 publications and 84 presentations, with Google Scholar finding more than 386 citations to his work. See the Project below for research areas, or visit his homepage Japanned at HC.


Steve studied physics and philosophy at Northeastern University, then Asian religions with a specialization in Japan for an M.A. degree from the University of Hawaii in 1986. He also had Journalism internships in the State House of Representatives.

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Post-Pandemic Pedagogy.” The Journal of Online Education, New York University (May 24, 2020).

Disruptive Technology and the Calling of Humanities and Social Sciences” (Keynote Address Paper). Prince of Songkla University, Thailand (2019).

Thailand e-Learning and Mobile Language Learning Workshop Report.” Asian Journal of Distance Education, 14 (1), 158-161 (August 2019).

Meeting Global Faculty Development Needs in Japan” (2019).

Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan (2017 book now also free online).

Social Media to Motivate Language Learners from Before Admission to After Graduation” (2010 book chapter now free).

Publications annotated in Japanese (筆者の日本語による著作リンク集)


Japanned homepage niches completed: Academic Life / eLearning / Japanology > government lecturesBilingualism / Teaching > ICT class homepage & syllabus / Journalism / Multimedia (video, podcasts, etc.) / About Steve / スティーブについて / 著作リンク集.

NEW: As a longtime lecturer for the government  international agency JICA, advising how to place technical training orientation online in lieu of bringing developing country officials to Japan, e.g., screencasting or this page at Humanities Commons.

Anecdotes of Academia series Ask a Japanologist: “Enlivening Emergency Remote Teaching with Interesting Content and Qualitative Evaluation: Focus on International Families in a Class on Bilingualism” | “This is Asia: Exploring the Contrast between East Asian and Indo-Western Ways of Thinking”  (March 2020) | “Academic publications should broaden knowledge” (January 2020).

Global Shikoku Internet Project グローバル四国インターネットプロジェクト – From the late 1990s, published research and multilingual guidebooks to the pilgrimage island of Japan. Deep dives include Legend of the Woman Diver「海女」and an encyclopedia entry on Buddhist Syncretism in Japan.

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Listen to “A Lecture on Japanese Prehistory and Mythology with Professor Steve McCarty.” Deep in Japan Podcast [SoundCloud, 88.5 minutes] (14 June 2020).


Elected President since 1998, World Association for Online Education (WAOE FB Page / e-mail discussion list).

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