I am currently a non-traditional pre-med and (possibly) pre-law student who is currently unaffiliated since I have graduated. I am currently training to be a mental health counselor and that is my current profession. I am also completing a policy fellowship with another organization and leading a data team in a public health start up (with the current focus of COVID-19).

Humanities are a hobby of mine at this point, but I see them as necessary for what I do and what I want to do. For instance, I aspire to be a physician and to me, that cannot be done without the humanities. Similarly, I might want to be a physician innovator (with experience in engineering) and contrary to typical narratives of science (especially engineering), science is not always impartial and humanities/ethics are needed to serve others the way we should. As someone with a disability, I think about this a lot.

This is my first year not in school and I miss it, so I can usually be found listening to nearly every episode of the New Books Network (I tried to join groups here that interested me and that I cannot necessarily find as categories on that podcast), trying to learn advanced music theory, and trying to learn advanced math and robotics. I also attempt to write song lyrics, get into screenwriting, write my memoir, and design everything from fashion (shoes, jewelry, and especially dresses) to architecture to interiors.


New York University (Class of 2020):

  • M.A. Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Class of 2018): 

  • Majors: Psychology; Communication

  • Minor: Sociology

  • Certificates: Leadership; Diversity; Pre-Health Careers; Criminology, Law, and Society;

Columbia University (Summer 2017)

  • Certificate: Human Rights


  • I am currently writing a long piece about disability, law, and history (with a large section about the health fields) just to prove that I can. I’m keeping it as vague as possible here. It will likely be all over the place and it’s not really for any particular purpose besides 1. Coming to a truth and 2. Proving to myself that I can. I don’t perceive I will be admitted into a program that allows me to do this (nor does it align with my career goals at the moment) and this is my way of writing something that resembles legal scholarship in case I don’t do both medical school and law school. 


Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (and Supercomputing activity group); International Council of Psychologists (to the United Nations);

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