I am interested in the connections between digital technology and the communication of historical knowledge. The digitizing, cataloging, and archiving of vast amounts of historical texts has transformed the way we research and produce writing about history. The only way to find out which direction we are headed in is by jumping into the fray and experimenting with the vast array of (changing) digital tools and platforms for communicating research in history. Student creativity in digital projects is a joy to behold.


The First World War, Anticolonialism and Imperial Authority in British India, 1914-1924 (Routledge, 2019).

The Communist Cookbook: A Novel (Penguin, 2013)

Blog Posts (Selected):

“All Tech is Human: and Some Humans are Crooks”               https://medium.com/@srcgreen/all-tech-is-human-and-some-humans-are-crooks-498809ed2291 
“The Lost Archive: The Digital Library of India,” https://medium.com/@srcgreen/i-95e493fe00f8
  “How to Disagree with a Mughal India Scholar When You are not a Mughal India Scholar,” https://medium.com/@srcgreen/how-to-disagree-with-a-mughal-india-scholar-when-you-are-not-a-mughal-india-scholar-2c79f6e16037 
 “The New Media Revenue Model,” https://medium.com/@srcgreen/the-new-media-revenue-model-164a9d12b640 
Morgan Library and Museum, New York:    https://www.themorgan.org/blog/bringing-world-america-eleanor-franklin-egan-1879-1925


Working on a website for history education and communication.


Society for French Historical Studies 

New England Historical Association

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