Doctoral Candidate at IIT Jodhpur


B.A. English Hons. (Patna Women’s College)

M.A. English Literature (EFLU Shillong)



·       Published a paper titled A Discussion on Re-exoticization and Neo-Colonialism in India through Visual Texts in Peer-Reviewed International Journal of Engineering, Management, and Humanities in 2021

·       Published a paper titled Violence, Pain and Devastation in the Poetics of Rudhramoorthy Cheran in Peer-Reviewed International Journal of Current Advanced Research ISSN in 2021

·       Published a chapter titled “Poetics of Performance Art in Shaheen Bagh Protests” in an Edited book Modern Indian Drama: Theory, Practice, and Criticism by Dr. Abul Foyes Md. Malik in 2020

·       Participated and Presented a paper titled Magic Realism as a Narrative strategy: A study of Marquez, Rushdie, and Morrison in the Research Paper Presentation under College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) Scheme, UGC in January 2018

·       Published poems in literary magazines and anthologies such as YuGen, Poetica (Volume 2), The Chakkar, Madras Courier, and Oddball Magazine

·       Published short story in an anthology The Inspiration Collective

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    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    Presented a paper titled “Moscow’s Indian Film Festival: A case of Cultural Diplomacy and Transnational Cinema Politics” at CPRACSIS “International Film Festivals” Talk

    Upcoming talk- “‘Volk’ and the ‘Hysterical’ Laugh of the Medusa in Suspiria (2018): The Agency of Female Body” co-authored with Samyukthah A. at “Suspirias Symposium” organized by Queen Mary University of London



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