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    At the end of the Joseon Dynasty, Subak’s successors all died of old age. It is difficult to inherit the national cultural heritage and hand it down to descendants through individual efforts alone. We all need to take care of it and preserve it.

    As with arts that have been handed down by the people, there are no written records related to the genealogy of Subak and Subak Dance.

    However, it is possible to look into the context after the late Joseon Dynasty.

    Song Chang-yeol wanted to become a movie star in his youth, and it is said that he stayed for a while in a place called ‘Shin-Film’, which was directed by Shin Sang-ok.

    It seems that he is a former movie star, as he has appeared in several films, including a minor role in the movie “The Martyr” directed by Yoo Hyeon-mok. This person’s maternal uncle is director Choi Hyun-min, who planned a movie called ‘Sorrow in the Sky’, which turned half of the Korean peninsula into a sea of tears in 1965.

    Song Chang-ryeol was born in February 1932 in Bukcheong-gun, Hamgyeongnam-do. In 1938, his father ran the ‘Ohara Sewing Association’ in Osaka, Japan. From 1938 to 40 he lived in Osaka. He later moved from Japan to Kaesong, Joseon.