Sha is the Associate Dean for Research & Engagement at the Baylor University Libraries, where he also serves as the librarian for visual and theatre arts. He is the founder and curator of the Baylor Book Arts Collection, and he a practicing visual artist and musician.


University of Texas at Austin, MLIS

Baylor University, MM

Baylor University, BM


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  • Towers, Sha. “Inspiring and Supporting Creators in and Beyond the Library.” Chapter in Creators in the Academic Library. Association of College and Research Libraries, [Spring 2023].

  • Festschrift for Bill: In Celebration of Book Arts (Honoring William R. Stewart, 1945-2019) Portfolio of 36 fine press broadsides, most numbered and signed, to honor the memory of William “Bill” Stewart, founder and purveyor of Vamp & Tramp Booksellers. ARTISTS: Thrams, Andie; Hazelwood, Art; Tetenbaum, Barbara; Norman, Bonnie Thompson;  Gardner, Casey; Michaelis, Catherine Alice; Sligh, Clarissa T.; Lollis, Cynthia; Deeg, Daniela; Knudson, Ellen; Martin, Emily; Tipps, Emily; Hagstrom, Fred; Peterson, Jessica; Spring, Jessica; Lappie, Joseph; Chen, Julie; Baldner, Karen; Hanmer, Karen; Holland, Kyle; Faulkenberry, Lauren; Rappoport, Lisa; Harris, Lyall F.; Avadenka, Lynne; Chadwick, Macy; Blocker, Mare; Powers-Torrey, Marnie; Riker, Maryann J.; Wagner-Lawler, Melissa; Schaer, Miriam; Chamlee, Rebecca; Silverberg, Robbin Ami; Milroy, Rollin; Bryant, Sarah Herrick; Towers, Sha; Sharp, Sharon A.; Rossow, Sonja Greentree;  Miller, Steve; Schupbach-Gordon, Terry; Gordon, Toby; Rueter, William. Salt Lake City, UT: Book Arts Program, Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, the University of Utah, 2020.

  • Filgo, Ellen and Sha Towers. “An Analysis of Relationship-Building in Liaison Work: Defining the Importance of “Hangout Activity.” The Journal of Creative Library Practice (March 2020).

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