I am a Near Eastern Archaeologist based in Germany and focused on the methodology of reconstruction of ancient architecture. I received my degree at the Free University of Berlin, Germany and am still anrolled as a PhD student with a thesis about the influence and development of archaeological reconstruction drawings of the 19th and 20th century. During my time as a student, I started a company called Artefacts, that focused on creating visual reconstructions of ancient architecture and worked for various projects.

I am currently a research assistant at the University of Cologne and work in the newly created Master-programm of Archaeoinformatics (Computational Archaeology) as a specialist in 3D Documentation and Modelling. I am also a Fellow for Innovations in Digital Teaching and explore new ways of communicating archaeological knowledge with modern technologies in an associated project.


  • Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

    • 2013 to present | Promotion (Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology)

    • 2002 to 2010 | Magister Artium (Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology)





  • since 2008: Foundation of the company Artefacts

    • Focus on the visualisation of scientific data, especially the reconstruction of ancient architecture.

  • 2008-2013: Uruk Visualisation of the Oriental Department of the German Archaeological Insitute

    • Reconstruction and visualisation of selected architecture of the site of Uruk/Iraq.

  • since 2011: Mari Visualisation of the excavation project at the University of Paris

  • since 2013: TOPOI Research Project B-2-3 “Big buildings – big architecture? The cultural significance of size in the architecture of the ancient Near East” at the Freie Universität Berlin and the German Archaeological Instiute

    • Reconstruction and visualisation of selected architecture of the site of Uruk/Iraq and Habuba Kabira/Iraq. Calculation of the utilised building materials on the basis of the 3D models.

  • since 2015: Qantir-Piramesse excavation project

    • Digitalisation of the excavation results and reconstruction of selected architecture for presentation and research.

  • 2018: Erfahrbarkeit des Altertums mit Hilfe sensorischer Archäologie

    • Fellowship for innovations in digital teaching by the ministry of culture and science of Northrhine-Westphalia

  • 2018: Virtualisation of the burial chamber of Köln-Weiden

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